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 "How to Properly Adjust Your W4, Eliminate Debt, Increase Your Credit & Invest for Retirement at Your Current Salary"

Who should schedule a workshop:

  • HR professionals

  • Business owners

  • Non-profits

  • Churches

  • Community organizations

  • Financial Planners/Advisors

What will be covered:

  • Why 80% of ALL Employees pay to much in taxes (at least $100/wk) 

  • How correctly adjusting your W4 can increase your take-home pay $300-$1,000/mo starting NEXT check (at no cost to your company)

  • How to maximize your tax deductions by simply & easily tracking your expenses

  • Why poor credit is costing you money & HOW to fix it Yourself DIY

  • How to capture more benefit with 475 exclusive tax deductions

  • What is keeping you from investing in your future retirement


“I was able to access over $300/mo. more & am now putting that towards my 401k”

Lita B., Pennsylvania

Director, Ombudsman Educational Services


  • What is the cost of scheduling a workshop?

    • FREE! If you provide the location, i.e. office or meeting room.

  • Can I schedule a call to see if this would be a good fit?

    • Absolutely, you can reach us at (360) 559-0797.

  • Do the workshops have to do with insurance or financial planning?

    • No, we provide financial education. but do not offer insurance or investments.